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We all know that feeling of struggling to get up out of a chair or raise your arms to do your hair a day or two after a challenging workout, but why do we feel stiff and sore and how can we relieve the discomfort? In the fitness industry this discomfort is commonly referred to as DOMS or Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, something we touched on briefly in our last blog.

The Australian Institute of fitness describes DOMS as “a combination of lactic acid, inflammation, connective tissue damage and muscle spasm. Eccentric muscle loading is the main cause of DOMS, especially in unfamiliar exercises where the muscles aren’t used to the load or stress.”

For some DOMS can take effect a few hours after the workout, a day or even two to three days after the workout. It is particularly common for those who are relatively new to exercise o...


As promised this week Haylee has broken down the importance of rest in your training routine. But before we jump into it, for those you who haven’t met Haylee, here’s a quick introduction:

Haylee’s fitness journey….

I got into triathlon a few years back and spent many, many hours training and racing. I was always interested in the science of fitness training for racing, so doing fitness/PT courses was a great way to learn about it. Science is also part of my job. I am a scientist and I work on naming and classifying animals (the field is called taxonomy, and I can bore you with the details of it later). 

Favourite exercise….

Running. And burpees, because they're a most excellent full-body exercise.

Guilty pleasures…

None of my pleasures are guilty! I'll happily eat a burger while drinking a glass of red wine and listening to 80...

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