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How do I get started with G-train?
All you need to do to get started is contact us via our
Contact page and we'll be in touch shortly. 

Is bootcamp suitable for all fitness levels? I'm really unfit.
Bootcamp with G-train Health & Fitness is for all levels of fitness. Whether it is your first time exercising or you're an elite athlete, G-train will push you to achieve your personal fitness goals. There is a wide range of fitness levels in each and every class so you will never feel as though you are holding the class back.

Can I do a mix of class times and locations?

G-train's varied class times and locations allow you to mix and match between classes to suit your busy lifestyle. As long as you attend your 2-3 sessions a week and maximise your attempt to achieve your goals, your trainers will be happy.​


Can I start at any time or do I have to wait for the start of a new month?
Yes, you can join G-train at any time! You will just be charged a pro-rata amount for however many training sessions remain in the month.

What do I need to bring along to class?
We always recommend that you bring a water bottle/drink, comfortable exercise clothing, good quality running shoes and a towel.

How much does bootcamp cost?
See our
pricing page for all the different cost options.

What time are the classes run?
See our
timetable page for the different class times.

Is bootcamp suitable for all ages?
Bootcamp with G-train Health & Fitness is suitable for ages 15 years (with parental consent) to 65 years.

Can people who have injuries participate?
Yes you can. We have a number of clients currently nursing injuries and our trainers adapt certain exercises to suit them. When joining up to G-train you will be required to fill out a sign up form which requires you to include details of medical issues or injuries you have had in the past. Any serious injuries or medical conditions will require doctors clearance before you commence.

What makes a G-Train bootcamp so different to other fitness programs?

There are number of major differences: It is run completely outdoors which gives you added benefits of health, well-being and feeling great! There is nowhere to hide out there – your trainers will help you stay motivated, and true to yourself so that you reach your goals quicker. Our sessions not only challenge you physically, but mentally as well – your trainers will help you be the best you can be. You will see – and more importantly, feel – the difference, even in the first two weeks.

What kind of results can I expect?
The two most obvious results of bootcamp are fat loss and increased cardiovascular fitness. Other physical benefits of G-train training include increased muscle tone, improved muscular strength, endurance and agility. There are also many added benefits of 
pursuing regular exercise including increased serotonin levels, better sleep, improved self-esteem and self-confidence!

What sorts of exercises does G-train do?
At G-train you undergo a broad range of activities including boxing, running, body weight circuits, weight circuits, kettlebell workouts, tums and bums, intervals, and much more. No two G-train sessions are the same.

Can I get credit or refunds for missed sessions?
No! Signing up to G-train is a commitment to yourself and other participants of the session for four weeks. The goal is to motivate you to commit to a month’s regime. Of course, in cases of long-term sickness or emergencies, we will work with you to make other arrangements.