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What we do

- Outdoor mixed boot camps

- Small group sessions of up to 10 people

- At home workouts

- One on one personal training

- Lunchtime boot camps

- Nutritional services from our Accredited Nutritionist


G-train bootcamps are an exciting exercise program that combine the expertise and benefits of one-on-one training with the motivation and comradeship of a group workout environment.

Each and every bootcamp session is different and aimed to keep your body guessing. We do a wide variety of cardio, boxing, tums and bums, body weight circuits, kettlebell workouts, obstacle courses, and much, much more!

All bootcamps take place outside–out of gyms–so that our courses take the emphasis off the exercise and focus on health, well-being, and feeling great!

Each bootcamp session is run by a certified accredited fitness instructor who will keep you motivated throughout the session, improve your technique and provide helpful advice along the way. New G-trainers are often worried they will be too unfit to participate in a bootcamp session–this is definitely untrue! Bootcamp is suitable for both males and females and for any fitness level. 

G-train bootcamps are held rain, hail or shine and are a fantastic way to challenge yourself and work harder than you ever imagined you could. Not only will you improve your strength, increase your fitness level and achieve weight loss, at G-train bootcamp you will have fun too, we guarantee it!

​All G-train bootcamps are run at Lake Burley Griffin. At various times in the year G-train also runs bootcamps at Lake Ginninderra and Lake Tuggeranong.


All classes at Lake Burley Griffin meet in the big carpark behind Questacon.


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