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Welcome to the G-Train blog!

Yep we've finally become all tech savvy and started a blog, now you can stay up to date with the latest fitness news, learn the correct technique and also get to know the trainers and your fellow G-Trainers.
We thought for our first blog we thought you might want to know a little bit about us and why we are personal trainers, in the weeks following we’ll be introducing two of our dedicated G-Trainers exciting fitness journey! 


So without further adieu, lets get into the nitty gritty details of how G-train began and why we are personal trainers, happy reading!!


Gav & Tiff


Getting up close and personal with Gav (aka the G-Train or Tickets)


My story… 2016 clocks up 10 years as a Personal Trainer for me. I know right! How time flies when you’re having fun…


Being involved in the health & fitness industry was always going to be inevitable given my involvement and passion for everything sports related from a very young age. It was only in my late teens that I joined the elite level of playing first grade AFL in Sydney followed by representing Australia at the World Junior Championships for Athletics.


Whilst studying to become a PE teacher in Sydney, I signed up to complete my Cert III & Cert IV in fitness. Two years later G-Train Health & Fitness was born and I haven’t looked back!


To say that I’m passionate about what I do would be an understatement. I personally believe that regular exercising and eating a balanced diet gives you the quality of life you deserve and for those that know me, realize that this involves dark chocolate and Gin :)


Favourite Exercises:

  • Coming from a running background I can’t go past a good intervals session. Especially the long hills around the base of Parli house.

  • Also burpees. I love a burpee.

Guilty Pleasures:

  • Dark chocolate

  • Chips/French Fries/Wedges (any sort of potato or sweet potato)

Philosophy for life:

  • Do the work so you can eat whatever you want. “G-Train – 2008”



Up close and personal with Tiff (aka Tiffmesiter, Taffy or Tiffy Taffy) 


I guess you could say I'm a little addicted to fitness and the rush that you get after an awesome workout or teaching a class!


Having said that, none of family share as much passion as me and my love for fitness started when I started coming to Bootcamp in 2010. After realising that I had no strength and very poor fitness (I couldn't even make it around the block without stopping or do a single push up), I decided to join G-Train and get fit. After coming for a few months I loved being fitter, more confident and the friends that I'd made. I started setting myself goals doing 10km runs, City to Surf, Half Marathons and then set myself the ultimate challenge of becoming a personal trainer myself in 2014.


Working full time as an Interior Designer and being a Personal Trainer (every other hour of the day) makes life busy, however you can’t beat getting fit in the beautiful outdoors and those gorgeous sunrises, sunsets and smiling faces we see every day!


Favourite Exercises:

  • Burpees, gets your heart pumping and your legs burning

  • Squats, as the saying goes - no-one ever wrote a song about small butts!


Guilty pleasure:

  • Eating peanut butter straight from the jar


Philosophy for life:

  • Have fun, smile and laugh no matter what you’re doing, even if you're laughing at yourself!





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