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Healthy Eating Hub Experiential Brunch with Kate Freeman


A few weeks ago G-Train teamed up with fabulous nutritionist Kate Freeman and the Healthly Eating Hub to help our dedicated G-Trainers with some healthy eating tips and run us through an Experiential Brunch. It was a fantastic morning of healthy eating info and delicious brunch; when we left our brains were full of helpful info and our bellies full of yummy food!


A little bit about Kate and the Healthy Eating Hub…

Kate is a registered nutritionist and director of The Healthy Eating Hub in Harrison; she has over 11 years’ experience in the health and fitness industry and is a consultant for a number of Canberra publications including HerCanberra, Canberra Weekly Magazine, Canberra City News and The Canberra Times.

The Healthy Eating Hub is a fantastic team of dieticians and nutritionists who really know their stuff. We love their philosophy and simple motto: "Our brand and services is represented by these three words:#simple #fresh #balanced. Our qualified dietitians and nutritionists can demonstrate how healthy eating applies to all kinds of individual lifestyles and situations. We specialize in practical, hands on, easy to apply advice that’s applicable to busy, modern day lifestyles".

(Excerpt from the Healthy Eating Hub's Website)


The Experiential Brunch Experience…

Held at The Healthy Eating Hub, Kate took us through her hugely popular Salad Matrix and gave us some fantastic advice on creating the perfect salad for lunch. The session gave us information on exactly what to include in your lunch, how much you should be eating, tips to help you feel fuller for longer and how to avoid those sugar cravings we all get in the afternoon.


We had to admit, walking in we thought salads can often be boring and like most people, we’re sometimes guilty of only eating salad because it’s good for you, not because we want to. However once we learnt how to easily poach our chicken, a few simple and easy tips on how to make your food taste great, we were converted.


After demonstrating the perfect amount of protein, carbohydrates, fats and vegetables should be included in our salads, Kate put us to the test to create our own salads, which we all gobbled up with big grins – like those pictures you see of models smiling and eating salads of course! (HAHA)


To sum it up, we all enjoyed a delicious, nutritious and colourful brunch and walked away full of helpful eating tips. We hope to be teaming up with Kate again soon with a winter lunch session and a pre and post workout eating workshop and we highly recommend you sign up!


Gav & Tiff

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