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Getting to know your fellow G-Trainers – Part 2

Following on from our last “Getting to Know You” blog where you were introduced to Georgie and her amazing fitness journey thus far,  this week we still have our ‘proud parent’ hats on and will be sharing Matt’s story with you, another one of our dedicated G-Trainers.


As a long-time friend and dedicated G-Train bootcamper, earlier this year Matt came to us and decided it was time to get serious about his health and fitness. For those of you who don’t know Matt, he’s a friendly (talkative), determined and robust bootcamper who loves to be outdoors, be it fishing, playing AFL and or watching motorsports. Over the last couple of months, we’ve seen Matt take his training to the next level and are extremely impressed to say the least. Matt’s commitment, enthusiasm and determination have driven him towards achieving his goal.


Matt’s Story


Tell us a little bit about yourself….

After moving to Canberra from Wagga Wagga in early 2013 I began bootcamp with G-Train after being persuaded by Gavin to come and give it ago. I’ve always enjoyed camping, fishing and being outdoors so I love coming to bootcamp and training outside.


You've told us you've changed your lifestyle this year, why are you doing it?

I decided it was time to change my lifestyle to be healthier version of my current self. I’d developed poor eating habits and this was affecting more than just my health. After training on and off for a couple of years, I felt I’d plateaued and needed to reset myself with a new challenge to improve my fitness and develop healthier habitats. After attending the healthy eating workshop, I realised how poor my diet really was.    


What is your ultimate goal? 

My ultimate goal is to be under 110kgs! I want to be fit, healthy and happy. I’m already well on my way and am determined to get there. I was 147kg when I first started G-Train and currently weigh 119kg.


Tell us a little bit about how you're achieving it and your achievements so far. 

As of a few months ago, I've removed all fast food, alcohol, soft drink and sweats/chocolate from my diet. I've been completing a food diary for Gavin and I now do a weekly grocery shop to prepare my meals for the week and help stay on track with my diet.

I've committed to coming to bootcamp 3 times a week, daily walks/runs around the lake and going for long hikes on the weekends.

Since starting my challenge, I've already lost 15kgs and am determined to get there with whatever it takes. I'm already feeling so much healthier and happier. I also smashed my fitness testing this month and am already feeling faster in class.


What do you think your toughest hurdle in achieving your goal?  

I think my toughest hurdle is probably myself and falling back into bad habits. Being an automotive engineer I'm always busy getting my hands dirty and it’s sometimes easy to just grab things on the go and not think about what I'm putting in my body.


Once you've achieved your ultimate goal, how will you celebrate? 

I want to celebrate with all the people who have helped me along the way!

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