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Making busy life a little easier….


Whether it's family or work commitments, it can be hard to find time to organise healthy lunches or cook a well-balanced dinner. YouFoodz Canberra, is a company which shares the same goal as us of sharing a healthy lifestyle with others. They "embody the motto healthy body, healthy mind, healthy life. We encourage a healthy lifestyle, so forget dieting, low-calorie meal plans and diet food. YouFoodz is simply everyday meals you enjoy, made healthy and delicious." (Vision taken from their webpage)



Two of our dedicated G-Trainers, Brenton and Jaime, have previously subscribed to YouFoodz meal packages. For those who don’t know Brenton and Jaime, both are bubbly, easy-going and extremely dedicated boot campers with work and training, so were perfect candidates to share their experiences with the G-Train community. Here’s what they thought.



Tiff & Haylee



Why did you decide to try YouFoodz?

B: I was looking for something convenient and healthy to keep my diet under control. I heard about YouFoodz from a colleague at work, so I decided to try them out.

J: Late last year I found I was busy with work, travelling a lot, and not enjoying cooking as much as I used to. I got into a habit of getting take away or the "lean and healthy" microwave meals. I had seen YouFoodz advertised on a few fitness Instagram accounts and thought "may as well!"

Which package did you choose and how much did you spend?

B: I usually ordered 12-15 meals. Most meals were about $10 so I'd spend around $120-$150.

J: I started by getting 5-10 meals depending on what I had on for the week. They were about $10 per meal which was acceptable (and cheaper than takeaway!). But when I find I need a little detox and get back on track I get the "Clean & Lean" meal plan - 10 meals for 5 days and is $99.50.


How easy was it to use – ie order, have delivered and cook or reheat?

B: YouFoodz would email me their current menu every week and I would send my options back. They weren't offering the delivery service at the time, but I was working close by so I would just collect them on Friday afternoons. The meals were easily stacked and stored in the fridge ready to be microwaved or served fresh. Very easy!

J: Extremely! Delivery is $15 and is usually there pretty early on a Friday. A lot of the meals are fresh salads and don't need re-heating. But otherwise all other meals only took 2 mins to heat up.


How did you find the choice and variety of meals available?

B: They had a lot on the menu from salads to lasagne. I'd mix it up every week and try new dishes.

J: Great! There are some not as healthy options on the menu for "treat meals" but they are portioned controlled so you’re not over indulging and they usually come with vegetables. The protein balls are delicious as well - half a salted caramel or peanut butter protein ball and my sugar cravings are cured (for a couple of hours at least!)

What was your favourite meal?

B: Huon Honey-Ginger Glazed Atlantic Salmon. So good.

J: Satay Chicken with Vegetables or Homestyle Chicken Rissoles with Red Pesto Veg.

Were you satisfied with the portions?

B: They were only available in one size and I found I was often still hungry after my meal, so probably a bit small for me.

J: Yes.


Compared to what you’d normally spend on your weekly food shop did you find it more or less expensive?

B: I spend between $60-$80 per week on groceries; which includes my meals and snacks for the week, so it worked out to be more expensive.

J: Probably more. But not by much, and when you think about it you’re paying for the food all ready to go. Much more convenient and also a lot less waste, when not on YouFoodz I found I was throwing a lot of fruit and veg out each week.


Would you get it again?

B: They're very convenient, tasty and healthy, but it's more affordable for me to buy my own ingredients and do a weekly meal prep instead. So for now I wouldn't get it again, but I would recommend them to anyone looking into these types of meal services.

J: Yes. I still get YouFoodz from time to time, especially when I'm travelling or need to get back on track.

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