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Working out in the comfort of your own home!

It’s the peak of Winter, you’ve got a runny nose, you’re keen to keep fit but don’t want to be out in the windy cold air. Well we’ve got you covered with this easy body weight workout that you can do in the warmth of your lounge room. It’s a workout you can make your own - you can make it as long, short, hard or easy as you like. All you need is a stopwatch, your legs, arms and core muscles!  


Warm up…

It’s important to get your muscles nice and warm before you start your workout, we recommend approx. 5-10mins and you can do this by marching or jogging on the spot and a few rounds of x20 high knees, x20 butt kicks, x5 squats and x5 push ups. Follow up with our normal dynamic stretches on the spot and you’re ready to get moving.



Set your timer for 8-10 mins for each round (you can make it as short or long as you like) then cycle through the following exercises continuously, starting with 6 reps of each exercise then 7 reps of each, 8 reps of each and so on until your timer goes off. We recommend a 60-90 second drinks break in between rounds.


Round 1 Exercises:

·         Squats

·         Burpees

·         Push ups

·         Toe Touch

·         Plank hand taps


Round 2 Exercises:

·         Lunges

·         Mountain climbers

·         Dips

·         Sit ups

·         Russian Twists



If the exercise has two sides do double the reps – e.g. 6 on each side etc.


Cool down…

The cool down is just as important as the warm up, finish off with a few laps walking around the lounge room and a static stretch.


We hope you enjoy this at home winter workout designed for those days you need to stay out of the cold!


Haylee & Tiff

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