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Let’s talk alcohol, calories and surviving the silly season….

December 1, 2016

Coming into the festive season we thought it was timely to talk alcohol, how many calories we are consuming and our tips to survive the festive season. We all enjoy saying cheers with a little drink in hand, which is fine in moderation but do you know how many calories you’re consuming? Furthermore, is there such thing as a healthy alcoholic drink?


Quite simply no, there isn’t really a healthy alcoholic beverage, this is because alcohol has little to no nutrients and ultimately leads to weight gain.  “Alcohol is different from other energy sources because it cannot be stored and has little nutrients. When you drink, your body will use alcohol as its preferred fuel source, meaning you stop burning body fat as a source of energy, and store any food you may have eaten as fat.” (Taken from  http://mapi.betterhealth.vic.gov.au/saywhen/know-the-facts/consequences-of-drinking-alcohol-and-body-weight)


Alcohol also contains a lot more calories than you might expect and can be quite a setback when you’re trying to lose weight. This table compares alcohol and its food equivalent (we’ve provided an indication of the calories associated with these foods).



(Taken from  http://mapi.betterhealth.vic.gov.au/saywhen/know-the-facts/consequences-of-drinking-alcohol-and-body-weight)


To put this table all into perspective it would take approx. 90-95 burpees to burn off 100 calories!


How many calories are in your favourite drinks….


Now that we’ve compared alcohol with some of your favourite foods, you’re probably still wondering how many calories are in your favourite drinks. Last week The Huffington Post released an article which help to break down some popular drinks, which you might find helpful when heading out…


Kilojoules (kj’s) and Calories (cal’s) in popular alcoholic beverages


Dark spirits

·        Jim Beam Black Label and Cola Cans 375ml, 1.8 standard drinks – 1099 kj / 263 cal

·        Jack Daniel's Whiskey & Cola Cans 375ml, 1.5 standard drinks – 1069 kj / 255 cal

·        Bundaberg U.P. Rum and Cola Cans 375ml, 1.4 standard drinks – 998 kj / 238 cal

·        Wild Turkey Bourbon and Cola Cans 375ml, 1.5 standard drinks – 977 kj / 233 cal

·        Johnnie Walker Red Label and Cola Cans 375ml, 1.4 standard drinks – 971 kj/ 232 cal


Light spirits

·        Smirnoff Ice Double Black Cans 375ml, 1.9 standard drinks – 1069 kj/ 255 cal

·        Gordons Elderflower Spritz Bottle 500ml, 1.6 standard drinks – 1015 kj / 243 cal

·        UDL Vodka and Raspberry Cans 375ml, 1.2 standard drinks – 971 kj’s / 232 cal

·        Smirnoff Raspberry Sorbet Pouch 250ml, 0.9 standard drinks – 955 kj / 228 cal

·        Smirnoff Lemon Sorbet Pouch 250ml, 0.9 standard drinks – 950 kj / 227 cal


·        James Squire Orchard Crush Apple Cider 500ml, 1.3 standard drinks – 875 kj / 209 cal

·        Bulmers Original Cider Bottle 500ml, 1.9 standard drinks – 870 kj/ 208 cal

·        Somersby Apple Cider Bottle 330ml, 1.2 standard drinks – 868 kj / 207 cal

·        Somersby Pear Cider Bottle 330ml, 1.2 standard drinks – 868 kj / 207 cal

·        Strongbow Classic Apple Cider Bottle 355ml, 1.4 standard drinks – 767 kj /183 cal


·        Crown Lager Bottle 375ml, 1.4 standard drinks – 641 kj / 153 cal

·        Victoria Bitter Bottles 375ml 1.4 standard drinks – 634 kj / 151 cal

·        James Boag's Premium Lager, 1.5standard drinks – 623 kj / 148 cal

·        Corona Extra Beer 355ml, 1.3 standard drinks – 611 kj / 146 cal

·        Carlton Draught Stubbies 375ml, 1.4 standard drinks – 581 kj / 138 cal


·        Red wine 12 % 160ml (average brands), 1.6 standard drinks – 456 kj / 109 cal

·        Dry white wine 12 % 160ml (average brands), 1.6 standard drinks – 454 kj / 108 cal

·        Sweet white wine 11 % 160ml (average brands), 1.6 standard drinks – 669 kj / 160cal

·        Sparkling white 11 % 160ml (average brands), 1.6 standard drinks – 434 kj / 104cal

·        Rose 11 % 160ml (average brands), 1.6 standard drinks – 469 kj / 112 cal

·        Espresso martini, 1.6 standard drinks -- 1190 kj / 284 cal

(Findings from Cancer Council Victoria. - Taken from the Huffington Post)



G-Train festive season survival tips when having a drink…


With this information we’re not trying to scare you or say “don’t drink”, we simply suggest you know what you’re putting into your body. We all need to enjoy ourselves from time to time and below are some tips on how to avoid getting carried away and surviving the ‘silly’ season:


One for one…

If you are going to have a few drinks, it’s important to stay hydrated so for every alcoholic beverage you consume try to have a big glass of water in the other hand to wash it down or perhaps ask for a nice jug of iced water with lemon so you can stay hydrated in style!


Limit the sugary drinks…

As you see above the sugary drinks are also some of the worst for you so try to limit them and substitute them for something else. You could opt for something like a vodka, soda and lime or lemon, it’s refreshing on a hot day. Soda water is probably one of the safest mixers to choose, don’t be fooled by tonic water – it is actually very high in sugar.


Watch the snack intake…

When you have a drink in hand it’s easy to have a few snacks to go along with it but be weary of the snacks you choose, we tend to crave salty and deep fried foods when drinking alcohol but if you’ve got a few friends around maybe try putting out some carrot and/or celery sticks and hummus or some juicy watermelon and/or pineapple skewers.


Everything in moderation…

While they call it the “silly season”, it doesn’t mean you must be silly every time you drink. Try to remember you can still enjoy yourself in moderation, if you’re away on holidays try to be nice to yourself and include at least 2-3 days a week of no alcohol, your waistline and general health will thank you for it!


In conclusion, know what you’re putting into your body. Over the festive season we want you to enjoy yourselves, however remember that balance is the key. A balanced festive season will also assist with the first week back for Bootcamp 2017… :)


Gav, Tiff & Haylee


Information taken from: 



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