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Maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle with a busy life

February 17, 2017

Life can be busy, we get it. Whether you’re flat chat with work or family commitments, it can be hard to stay on track with your diet or fitness goals, so this week we thought we’d share how we the trainers maintain a healthy and balanced diet and lifestyle with a busy life.

If you haven’t read our previous blogs you may not know that aside from running bootcamp and personal training we both have full time jobs and yes fitting everything into our lives and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be a challenge for us.


So here it goes, a little insight in how we get through our lives!


Write a list…

Some may think writing lists or mapping out your week, fortnights or months are dorky, but not us we love them. Each Sunday we like to make a plan of what workouts or bootcamps we’ll do for the week and also make a list of meals for the week. Making a plan helps you to stay in control and on track with your diet and fitness goals, however it is important to be realistic and not pack too much into your life.

Besides you can’t beat that smug satisfaction you get when ticking it off your completed tasks, so why don’t give it ago.


Meal prep for success…

You've probably seen it on Facebook or Instagram and heard us mention it a few times too, well it's not a fad - we believe meal prepping is definitely our key to success. Yes it takes a little bit of time to build up an awesome Tupperware collection, shop for the ingredients and prepare it all at the start of the week but once you’ve done it just think of all the time you’ve saved wondering what you'll eat for lunch or dinner or strolling through the aisles working out what to make each day for dinner or lunch. It also saves you money and will probably help you to choose healthy options rather than unhealthy fast foods, which let’s face it can be expensive.


Let’s catch up…

If you’re a social butterfly and love catching up with your friends like us, then why not set up exercise dates rather than eating or drinking dates. Sometimes it’s hard to fit in a workout, which is why we love an evening walk around the lake or early morning run to catch up - in fact some of our best G-Train ideas come from going for a walk after class, the fresh air and endorphins help us think straight, we’re not consuming excess amount of calories with alcohol or food and we get to fit in a workout for ourselves.


Listen to your body….

Making sure we’re not running ourselves into the ground is also just as important as eating healthy and working out. Listen to your body, if you’re feeling tired or sore make sure you incorporate rest days into your routine. Getting a good night’s sleep is also key for making sure your body has time to recover and re-fuel, so don’t skimp on a sleep in every now and then.


So there you go, it may sound simple but sometimes you have to keep it simple for healthy lifestyle success, why not take a leaf out of our book and give it a go?


Below is one of our favourites - Thai Beef Salad all boxed up and ready to go for the week ahead!


Gav & Tiff







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