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Getting to know your fellow Bootcampers!

This week we are getting to know another hardworking bootcamper – introducing Debbie! For those who don’t know Debbie she comes to class everyday with a big smile on her face and is one our most dedicated bootcampers - she will give anything ago and never gives up. Debbie joined G-Train in late 2016 and has decided to share her story with you, so without further ado, it’s time to get up close and personal and hand it over to Debbie. Happy reading and don’t forget to say hi if you see her in class!


Gav & Tiff


Tell us a little bit about yourself...

I grew up in Canberra, but have also lived in the UK for a little while. I currently work in education, so spend a fair bit of my day sitting. It is my plan to one day move to Tasmania and open a bed and breakfast. In my spare time I like to go out for coffee, visit markets, look at houses to get ideas to renovate mine, experiment with cooking and take part in fun runs.


Why did you join bootcamp?

I like to try and keep fit, but I am not a fan of gyms or exercising indoors, so G-Train was a natural solution. I like the freedom of being outdoors, and exercising in all weathers. My favourite is definitely the cold frosty mornings. I also like the randomness of never knowing where you will end up when you arrive for a session, or what you will doing. Despite my moaning about the possibility of ‘those stairs’ I still have fun and give it a go, or ask for an alternative. I also chose bootcamp for the variety of exercises; encouraging, non-judgemental trainers to help keep me on track; and people of all different fitness levels and ages coming together as a team to support each other so no one gets left behind.


What is your ultimate goal?

I have two ultimate fitness goals. 1- Lose the 15 kgs I stacked on over the past two years; and 2- Improve my running. I was much heathier and fitter when I was lighter so I need to get my act together and focus!


Tell us about your achievements so far

While I feel fitter and a stronger, there has not been much change to the scales – but numbers aren’t everything (so I tell myself). My achievements since G-Train, are evident in my Parkrun times - I am getting faster each run and able to push myself to get some fast kms up (for me). I am also able to lift heavier weights in class.


What's your biggest challenge? 

Staying on track – especially with food! I need someone to regularly nag me.


How will you celebrate once you've ultimate goal? 

It will probably involve a bottle of champagne and some new clothes. Fitness wise (while it may seem like a crazy way to celebrate) I might see if Gav and Tiff will tie 15 kg to me so I can remember what it used to feel like.

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