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Introducing a new friend!

October 22, 2017


We are very excited to be collaborating with our good friend and bootcamper Michaella Portelli, nutritionist and creator of Her Pure Life. For those who have signed up for our Lake Burley Beach Club 3 month special, you'll be lucky enough to be receiving fortnightly nutrition tips and recipes from Her Pure Life, so we thought we'd take this opportunity for you to find out a little more about Michaella and how Her Pure Life can help you!
Without further adieu we introduce to you Michaella from Her Pure Life...





Tell us a little bit about yourself...
HOLA! So as most of you know by now - my name is Michaella! I clearly LOVE all things health and fitness and concurrently HATE when people bad mouth "healthy" food because they think it is boring and gross - without even giving it a chance! HEY - kale has feelings too ;) I love sharing my knowledge and passion for health and fitness with those around me, which is what probed me to start my own healthy food Instagram account and blog!

Though, enough of the food for now! Some things you may not know about me are:

  • I am a born and bred Canberran

  • I am a group fitness instructor for the Les Mills class 
    Bodybalance, which is a mix of Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates

  • I have a pet dog called Dakota and she is a HuskyXGerman Shepherd and YES she is as cute as she sounds!

  • I am one of those weird people who can't just sit around and watch TV all day. I must always be doing something!    

Why did you get into nutrition? 
I have always loved food and cooking from a young age! When I was around 10, my mum enrolled myself, my sister and my cousins in a cooking class during the school holidays, which we did for a few years and it was always the highlight for me!

As I got older and I was exposed to more means of communication which expressed the importance of nutrition, I naturally gravitated towards nutritious foods and fell in love with nutrition! It was something which fulfilled my love for food and cooking, whilst also appealing to my interest in science, which I did a lot of whilst in college!
DISCLAIMER: Those thinking of undertaking a nutrition degree should be warned of the heavy chemistry, biology and anatomy background you require!

The concept that I could control my health through food (and not drugs) was something that really appealed to me and I wanted to learn more about this and then share it all!

What's your philosophy for good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle?
Good nutrition is balance. It provides you with the fuel to keep your body working at its optimal potential, it provides you with satisfaction as you take each bite, it is not scrutinising ourselves for eating something "unhealthy", it is a social experience as we share a meal with family and friends and most importantly it is unique to each individual. 

A really important concept I took away from my nutrition degree is that we are all individuals, who live individual lifestyles, have individual health problems, have individual preferences and have individual personalities. These all contribute to our nutritional behaviours and preferences. 

Good nutrition and subsequently, health, begins with knowing yourself. Knowing what you do and don't like, knowing what you will be able to truly commit to (not just for 12 months - but for life) and knowing what health problems you are currently suffering from which need particular attention. From here I think education on what nutritious foods are and what foods are not so nutritious is important, so that you can begin to make innate decisions. It can be SO hard to find a straightforward answer these days, thanks to the array of conflicting information we are exposed to. But plain and simply nutritious foods are those which have been minimally processed, are fresh and colourful, have less then 10 ingredients and have a short used by date! On the other hand, not so nutritious foods, are those which are heavily processed, packed with words you are afraid  to pronounce and have a list of ingredients longer then your arm. Once we are educated, all we need to do is make the time to create healthy meals and find the enjoyment of cooking and eating fresh, homemade meals! Which trust me - is so much easier then you think! 


What's your favourite meal and guilty pleasure?
I am a MAJOR sweet tooth so pretty much anything sweet is my favourite meal! But if I was to nail it down, I love a good Goodberries sesh!


What's your least favourite food?
I am really not a big fan of stew ... even the name sounds gross!

What is Her Pure Life and how will you be helping our G-Trainers in the Lake Burley Griffin Beach Club?
First off, I am so excited to be teaming up with G-Train and their Summer Bootcamp Program and can't wait to help you reach your goals!


All G-Trainers who have signed up to the G-Train Lake Burley Griffin Beach Club bootcamp receive 20% of the following services:

  • Initial Consultations

  • 3-day Food Diary Analysis

  • Personalised Meal Plans

  • Event Catering

Her Pure life can also help you with...

  • Weight loss and weight management

  • Nutritional deficiencies

  • General healthy eating advice for a busy lifestyle

  • Healthy eating advice for an active lifestyle

  • Family nutrition and fussy children

  • Meal planning

  • Managing emotional and boredom eating

  • Sports nutrition for performance and recovery

Additionally, I have recently started a business called +H2O, which consists of a range of dry products with no added sugars, colours or flavours and can all be made by simply, JUST ADDING WATER. The products I currently have on offer are:

  • Good Morning Overnight Oats 

  • Sweet & Spicy Chai Latte 

  • Creamy Cinnamon & Cacao Hot Chocolate 

  • Salted Caramel & Cinnamon Bliss Ball Mix  

  • Choc Coco Bliss Ball Mix 

  • Cheeky Chia Cup 

All can be purchased from my website, www.herpurelife.com, though please let me know if you would like a single serve sample and I can give you a taster if you are curious!



All G-Trainers who have signed up to the G-Train Lake Burley Griffin Beach Club bootcamp will receive 10% of all +H2O orders!

On top of all this I am here to be your go-to-girl for any nutrition related questions, queries, concerns or clarifications! I love talking about the topic and love when I can share my knowledge with others, so either come say hey at class and we can have a chat or shoot me an email to herpurelife@gmail.com. Whatever it is, no question is a silly question and I am here to support you through this challenge and help you reach and SMASH your goals! 

Kale Kisses & Healing Hugs,


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